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Name:Weekly Prompts - share your inspiration!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Free-write community where members can be the prompter of the week, and other members can share!
Drop your inner editor at the door! You've just entered the free-write zone! Weekly_prompts is a community for writers to come and take advantage of weekly free-writing prompts and--just write!

For those of you who don't know what free-writing is, it's also called stream-of-consciousness writing, where a person writes continuously or a set period of time without regard for spelling, grammar, characterization, and most importantly, self-criticism. Sort of like giving your writer self a mini cupcake: small, sweet bite-sized morsels of creativity. (Free-writing works best when you set the timer to 30 minutes or less.)

The best part (besides the writing, of course)? Your fellow writers will be providing the prompts. You could be providing the prompts.

How does it work?
Every once in a while, we put up a prompting schedule post and our members sign up for a week (any free week they want~) and commit to giving the community prompts for that week. Then the community uses those prompts to spark ideas for free-writing sessions. If they choose, they can share the results on the community.

Prompts can be anything: words, phrases, pictures, writing exercises, outrageous dares. Post a tarot card. Give us the definition of a word. Post the passage to your favorite book. Post beginning lines. Or ending ones.

Prompts can be posted in any way. Do you prefer doing only one post when it's your week? Cool =D. Do you want to have a prompt for every day of the week? Great! Do you want members to comment on your post and ask you to give them individual writing dares? Also fun! Anything goes, as long as you do something for the assigned week.

And of course, the community at large can choose to interpret these prompts any way they want. You don't even have to use any of the prompts in an obvious manner--maybe a prompt made you think of another word or phrase, and you did something with that instead. That's fine too!

The fun part, really, is reading everyone's stuff and trying to see how the prompter's prompts are interpreted!

We've decided that this community be for original fiction only, since there are plenty of multi-fandom prompt/writing communities out there, and so very few just for original fiction. It's good to have a place to practice, isn't it?

Please indicate which prompt(s) you ended up using and any warnings or ratings necessary. We want to keep the community accessible to everyone. XD And please use cuts for long stuff.


Our sister community, [community profile] fiction_transitions for fandom writers who are looking to transition into original fiction. Very cool people, and very cool community. =D Please check it out.
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